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At the start of the September, I will be posting Chapter 9 of Abstract Gender! I am already on the last scene of the chapter and I am certain I will get it done (one way or another!) by the end of the month. I have had some days off and found some good music to listen to that has really gotten the creative juices flowing.

Perhaps-- flowing too well-- Chapter 9 is an important chapter-- and I knew I'd be putting a lot in to it-- but without feeling the need to fluff up scenes-- the chapter is ALREADY at 31 pages long... the longest chapter before this was Unwanted Ryan which was only 25 pages-- and other recent chapters have been falling in at the 23 page mark...

So I am thinking I need to take a page out of hollywoods book-- I am thinking I will be posting Chapter 9 in TWO PARTS! It is kind of an important conclusion to the first third of the series-- so it makes sense to build it up some. The first part of the chapter will be posted on the first-- while the second half I will either post on the 15th or maybe save for the start of October. Dont be too down-- the first half of the chapter is still 16 pages long which is as long as chapter 1 was.

And now for the loyal Bobcats that read the journals-- the trailer for Abstract Gender Chapter 9; Gods Pt. 1
Image by RayneShikama

    Rachel’s stride slowed as she spied Evan and Brett hanging out on the side of the gymnasium. She raised an eyebrow as she tried to figure out what her brother and friend were doing.


    “Whatcha looking at?” Allison asked as she wrapped her arms around Rachel’s midsection and rested her chin on Rachel’s shoulder, “Hey is that your cousin? Hi Rachel’s cousin!” Allison began waving her arm from under Rachel’s armpit towards Brett and Evan.


    Rachel leaned her head to the side and gave Allison a befuddled look.


    Evan narrowed his eyes, “you know what I mean.”



    Without any further response Rachel returned to her seat next to Allison. Evan continued to glare towards Rachel who was still ignoring him. He gave a sigh through his nose as he arched his eyebrows in disappointment, looking down to Eimi who sat with her head hung.


    As the bell rang signifying the end of homeroom, Rachel entered the hallway which was a buzz with students watching as both the principal and vice principal, along with the dean of students and school security were lined down the hallways opening up students lockers.


    Rachel shrugged, knowing that all she had in her locker were some books. Li walked alongside Rachel and they were soon joined by Andie who was coming from her homeroom.


    “This is crazy,” Andie shook her head, “Did they ever do anything like this in your school, Rach?”


    Rachel turned her head to look at Andie, “no” she shook her head.


    William continued to stare at Rachel in disbelief, “you’re… a girl…” his voice sounded utterly defeated.


    “I’m not done talking yet!” Principal Wallis raised his voice as he brought one of his large hands down on his desk, “My yelling at you is going to be the least of your problems as a result of your behavior!”


    Katie took a deep breath through her nose as she tried to compose herself, “You can’t bottle everything up inside all the time,” Katie explained, trying to remain calm, “you need people to talk to, people who you can vent to, what you’re doing is not healthy.”


     “You really overestimate how much I really care about this whole thing,” Rachel shook her head.


    "Promise us that if there is anything that is really bothering you, you’ll come tell us,” Katie grabbed Rachel’s wrist.


     “I’m not some over emotional girl that gets upset over everything,” Rachel sneered.


    “Promise!” Katie raised her shaky voice.


    Rachel turned away and walked in to her homeroom. Allison looked between Katie and Rachel for a moment in concern before following behind her friend.


    “I want to introduce a new student,” the teacher brought up a girl who had been sitting in the front row, “this is Willow Kowalski.”

    “Nice to meet you all,” the girl said softly, obviously a little nervous.

Image by RayneShikamaPt. 1
Coming to DA September 1st
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RayneShikama Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
That's amusing timing. I had a day off and was determined to get back to work and was in the process of rereading the first 11 pages. 
fish0029 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014
RayneShikama how are you doing.
CHAPTER 7 soon
RayneShikama Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
still breathing! Actually the important part (well-- I guess breathing is important) is that I am still writing chapter 7-- I wanted to restart the journals at the same time I post the next chapter-- thus that delay-- this chapter is REALLY being difficult to write-- My goal is to finish it before new years.
fish0029 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2014
thank you
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Hey, your comic's website appears to have expired.

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The only website the comic has been on in about the last five years has been dA. Link them here. 
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ok thank you. will you have CHAPTER 7 it by the end of J:) (Smile) uly
RayneShikama Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hopefully ..
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